Think about how many times you would like to practice throughout the year but the weather limits it.

Many of you visit a driving range but what value are you actually getting? 

- Cold, windy and wet 
- Low quality golf balls 
- Poor range mats 
- Rubber tees which don't reflect your actual tee height 
- Hitting balls into an inconsistent wind direction 
- Distraction from other player or spectators 
- Not really knowing how far each shot has gone

The Golf Lab provides you with a high quality practice session and records all data on your shots. This data is presented in an easy to understand format and will allow you improve your golf quicker. This data will also be stored in your own personal cloud storage system allowing you to access it anywhere in the world for free. 

Pure Practice 5 Bundle (Sunday-Friday)

 5 x 1 Hour Practice Sessions in the lab with all session data sent to your own private cloud storage system.
- Includes a Detailed Analysis of your practice data from one of our Professional Staff 
- Package is valid for 3 months
- Package worth £120 (time in lab worth £90, analysis £30)

Special Price: £70 that's 40% OFF